Zal’adore – Episode 1 – A Genasi, an elf, and an “elf” walk into a bar

Holy cow! We are back, after some time we have come back for a new set (one of two). We introduce a new placer this game and a brand new world! Today Our characters all arrive at the town of Greshold where a bounty has been placed onthe capture of the corrupt mayor who has somehow stopped the Goliath Raids!

We would like to thank Joseph McDade for his generous donation of the music, “The Tavern” his website can be found here:

We would also like to thank our friend podcasts, Storium Arc and Let’s Go to the Ring, they can be found here at and

About Kevin

I have been playing D&D since about 2012 and enjoy Fantasy, Sci-fi, and studying history. I have been a GM for since 2016, and am now running alternating campaigns with Zachary.
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