Pyre never knew her parents. Born a Genasi she was abandoned, more accurately her village was destroyed. An infant who survived the blaze that engulfed her village on the border between the Human nations and the Elven forests, a tract of nondescript land that neither side had much interest in. Her wails caught the attention of the Elf scouts who were in the nearby woods doing their patrols. These scouts took her back to the local Elven settlement where runners were dispatched to inform the capital of the finding of a Genasi child. Pyre was brought to the capital city of Eirnios. Here the child was brought before the council and it was decided that she should be given to an upright family in the outskirts to be raised and to be educated. Pyre was sent to this family and given an Elvin name, a name she guards, but as she grew up she found she was more attached to the “simplicity” of the wild world. This was guided as while her adoptive parents were supportive of her, her elvish siblings were less kind, even cruel to her growing up due to her difference. The tutors gave her insight to the world and she decided to adopt a new name after a fit of anger caused a fire that destroyed several acres of woods. Pyre intensified her study, choosing the druidic arts as her focus, and felt while she was the last of her kind, or so she believes, she would love to find all the creatures of the world that “no longer exist”. As the last elf who saw a dragon has long ago died she has made it her life’s mission to meet a dragon and come back to tell the tale.