Taken from Slate’s own words as to why he is on this adventure:

When I was awoken there was no one there, I saw a dead Hobgoblin on the floor, sad she must have died of old age. I looked around the room I was born into for a few days, there were others like me, but they appeared to be… inert. That is when I found the note, it said it was the plan to control the multiverse, the first step was to build Warforged warriors, obviously that has been taken care of, I’m here, so I’ve checked that off the list. The next step is to take over the multiverse. After I finished investigating, the last thing I saw was a blank slate, just like me, so I took the name Slate.

I went out into the world from there, trying to tell people the good news, that soon enough I would be there overlord. Many people called me naïve, but I was born for this, I must know the best way to do it, and I am guessing the best way to get people to follow me is to be nice as I ascend to the throne. However I wasn’t given anything to begin with, I had to learn to take what I needed when it is called for, I’ve learned to defend myself. On a personal note I like to study when I can so I can learn from other great leaders, so I can have the skills to be the greatest overlord this multiverse has ever had.