Firbog (Alyan)

Firbog comes from the feywild where his village dwells. They have a grove that is connected directly with the non-feywild world where the village tends various plant life that gives them all great pleasure. However a darkness began to creep up into the grove and a call went out to protect the village from the encroaching darkness. Firbog rose to the challenge, he joined the local order of rangers and chose a stricter path, known colloquially as the “gloom stalkers” for the order’s reputation for going against the darkest of foes. He swore to go into dark places no others would enter to protect his village and his people’s way of life. The years of searching out the darkness have left its mark on Firbog, he carries several scars on his face from foes long ago slain, with unkempt black hair and a matching beard he towers over most at 7’ tall. Having to to leave his village and venture to the outside world he is a bit more talkative than other Firbogs especially dealing with outsiders, and may be a bit more “even” when dealing with those who disturb the balance of civilization and nature (more likely to single-handedly clear a settlement for destroying an old grove). He is neither good nor evil but works to ensure that there is a balance between the two as he does with the balance between civilization and nature as such he was given the name of “Alyan” (from elvish for ‘fair/even’) by a group of Eladrin he saved from the shadar kai who had opened a portal into the shadowfel in the feywild. Prior to the eclipse Firbog was summoned to the village shaman who told him the signs were showing a great evil was coming and that the long night will be longer than normal. With that he leaves the feywild into the world to stop the evil that is approaching, knowing that his isolation has prepared him for this fight as well as his stealth to help him stop the fight before it begins. He leaves behind his mentor, a fellow ranger with a shady past which the village knows only as “shadow”, and the shaman who acts as his sole link between himself and the village while he is out from the village.