The Blindness of Pelor

This campaign option takes place in the Points of Light setting, and will feature a heavy Gothic horror element.

Pelor is the foe of the undead and also the god of medicine and the sun. Eclipses of the sun are usually no cause for alarm. However when one lasts for weeks with no sign of ending. The world is showing signs of changing. Ghouls wander far from their haunts, previously placid ghosts become violent, and gnolls are more plentiful than ever before. Is this a deliberate strike against one of the most noble of deities or is it simply some rare cosmic event? The heroes will have to get to the bottom of it, and if there is any substance to these strange changes about the world, put a stop to them.

Background of the world: This setting will feature a lot of ruins and wilderness areas, as well as delves into indoor locations with heavy usage of undead and objects associated with necromancy. The kingdom of Kalik is likely to be a focus of much of the adventurers’ actions, being a nation of powerful necromancers and one of the only major human powers left in the world. Travel to the Shadowfell is likely, as is a possible visit to a couple outer planes I have not used before in my games.

The overall world is one in the wake of a disaster known as the white ruin, an event where ghouls and gnolls destroyed most of human civilization. A more ancient war between the powers of Bael Turath (a devilish nation where Tieflings originated) and Arkhosia (The dragon-led country where Dragonborn originated from.) has left the population of both races heavily depleted. High Elves and many kinds of gnomes live either near the Feywild or actually in it and the Eladrin are native to it. Drow also sometimes inhabit the Feydark, the Underdark region of the Feywild.