Za’Ladore is a new world, created just for the podcast of Companions of the Perception Check! This world came out of a desire to take what I thought were the best concepts from other settings and combine them into a single setting. While the Forgotten Realms have been the most popular D&D setting for some time now, I find that its large history and planned out geography have made it too confining to tell the type of stories I wanted to tell. The world pulls the gritty Noir feeling, and some of the “scientized magic” from the Eberron setting, the fantasy elements from the Forgotten Realms, the unexplored wilderness of Points of Light, and the ever-looming worry about the fallout of the last cataclysm as was in Dragonlance.

The world sits on an uneasy peace that was brought about at the end of the “Great Dragon War”. The war happened over two millennia ago. Even the most ancient of the elves can not recall what the war was about, only those who are ending their long, long lives (and those are getting fewer every day) can even remember the dire warning given to all the races as the Dragons retreated not to ignite the fires of war again. All that is really known is that the war was stopped by the last known human sorcerer who became the first king of the united human empire that survives to this day.

Our Wiki which we hope to keep updated on the current status of the world can be found here and has all the back stories of the races and their place in the world of Za’Ladore.