Word Creation – Part 2

Another feature you need to look to in world building is how the gods are represented in your world, if there are even gods at all. You can have a multitude ways they are there or not there. In the word of Dark Sun there are no gods and magic is derived from either the Sun or through magic bestowed through the Dragon. In the world of Dragonlance the gods disappeared for several hundred years and there was not “cleric” or healing magic available. In the world of the Forgotten Realms the gods are alive and well and in face have gone through several iterations of how they interact. Currently in the Forgotten Realms the gods do not directly influence the world but they can do thing through augers and grant their clerics/warlocks extra magical powers.  That is the current state of the gods I am going to use for my world. There are gods, you can gain their favor but they do not directly appear…except perhaps in some extenuating circumstances. The pantheon is going to be the same as it was in the Realms/Points of Light. From here it should be easy to create a cleric or warlock class as well as use the gods in story telling to move the plot further.

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I have been playing D&D since about 2012 and enjoy Fantasy, Sci-fi, and studying history. I have been a GM for since 2016, and am now running alternating campaigns with Zachary.
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