Freestyle Friday: Supermonsters 2

Hello All! Welcome to another Freestyle Friday. Since I’m still on a superhero kick from the convention, I’d thought I’d give you guys 20 more superpowers or superstats to give monsters to really set them off as tough opponents.


Like always, the stuff here isn’t tested and depending on what monsters you tie them to, the effectiveness at making a monster stronger might radically change. Use with caution and after looking at it carefully and hopefully testing it.


Without further delay, here are 20 more superpowers for monsters.


1. Trick weapons: The weapon attacks of the monster have one or more available additional effects that the monster can choose from. These effects are tied to the weapons they use.

2. trick ammo (as trick weapons, but tied up to arrows, thrown weapons, or crossbow bolts as well as other missiles.”

3. combination (The creature can combine with another with combination and form a monster that has +2 to all attack rolls and saving throws of the higher stats and has all actions and spells of both creatures combined.)

4. transmutation: The creature without spells can imitate the abilities of flesh to stone, passwall, and other elemental spells that manipulate the nature of objects.

5. Dead magic aura (within a distance of the monster, magic items and spells do not function.

6. spell turning (spells cast on the target that are hostile below what is appropriate for the challenge rating (i.e. 2nd-level spells or lower for a CR 5 monster) have a chance to be redirected at the caster.)

7. always armed (The creature normally uses a weapon but the weapon is actually part of their body, meaning they can’t be disarmed and are always considered to have the weapon drawn, though they can use other weapons if they want.”

8. Changing size (The creature can cast diminish or enlarge on itself at will to change in size from tiny to huge or large, depending on the DMs preference.)

9. Time manipulation (The creature can replay its turn one to 3 times per day or undo one effect laid against it including previous effects of that status.)

10. bursting blows (Any melee attack made by this creature that hits deals some non-physical damage type to all adjacent creatures other than itself.)

11. weather control (The monster can cast spells like ice storm, sleet storm, control weather, and call lightning as natural spellcasting, appropriate to CR)

12. Aging blows: The monsters physical attacks cause aging in the victims that are hit.

13. eye beams (The creature can do powerful lightning, radiant, or fire damage to one creature it can see.)

14. Tattoo Treasury: The creature can actually bring thins into existence that are tattooed on its body.)

15. Fantasy world (The creature can cast the Maze Spell that puts the target into a fantasy realm)

16. odd weapons (The monster possesses and knows how to use futuristic weapons not normal to the setting (see DMG for rules on things like side-arms, rifles, and laser guns.)

17. odd transport: The creature has futuristic (modern to us) means of transport, possibly with weapons (inspired by things like the arrowcar and the batmobile.))

18. one-man army (The creature can create half-hp duplicates of itself.)

19. Split body (The creature can split into two parts, one that does non-physical damage of some sort (hopefully appropriate for the monster, and one that does only physical with its attacks. Each has half of the monster’s current hp and can’t be raised more than to half the monster’s max hp.)

20. doesn’t need the necessities (The monster doesn’t need to eat, breathe, sleep, and does not age.) (ideal for non-elementals and non-celestial/fiend/undead.)


I hope you like this look at some more options for supermonsters, inspired by some of my favorite superheroes and villains.


About the Author:


Zachary is a DM for “Companions of the Perception Check” and he is a fan of not only classic lit, but also everything superhero. He enjoys the company of his two rats and dogs and loves the live action Flash and Arrow shows. His favorite supervillains include The Riddler, Lex Luthor, Thalia Head, and Captain Cold. He really wishes the Secret Society would return his calls.


About Zachary

Zachary is the original DM for the group but has recently had the pleasure of sharing this role with Kevin. He is a fan of all things Dungeons and Dragons and loves classic lit and bad monster and horror flicks. He is also blind.
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