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The world of Za’ladore is large and mysterious. There is magic wielded within the planet and it powers everyday life. The known world is also called the “cradle of civilization” It is a landmass that is a valley surrounded by mountains on all sides making it a literal bowl. This bowl is roughly 4500 miles in diameter and sitting in the center is the large Metropolis of Tredune. The world has been on edge for at least the past two millennia, the world still bears the scars from the last great conflict known as “The Dragon War”. This war began so long ago that no one, not even the long lived elves know what started it. What is known is that this war encompassed all races and was so destructive that the Dragons themselves chose sides. No one is sure what dragons were on which side. Chromatic waged war against the Metallic, there were rumblings of even the Gem Dragons being brought out of their lairs and engaged in combat. Ruins of civilizations unknown are scattered among the world with people not knowing who they belonged to. What is known for sure is that before going back into their slumber Dragons warned the “young” races (read non-dragons) to not wage such a destructive war again lest a worse fate could be in store for the entire world.