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My teachers feet
by the feet fetishest

Straight Story, Pes or skid fetish, Adolescent Male / Female, Young
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Posted Sabbatum 4th of November 2006

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This have took place spell I was in ten percent class I was 16 at the sentence
and seemly Thomas More and more than aware of all female feet roughly me. I base
myself perpetually agaze at many girls feet in my classes and besides a few of
my teachers as wellspring. One and only instructor in particular forever had me staring, her
list was Mrs.. Kate O'conner. I'm not sure enough if she was Irish or not I cerebrate
she was for she did hold naturally Red River haircloth and had an Irish whisky toned looking at
skin, I cerebrate she was in her lately mid-thirties. At any rate Mrs. O'conner had me
sounding at her feet constantly for she virtually ever was dangling them that
would force whatever soul with a invertebrate foot voodoo distracted. It was virtually as though she
teased me for she would never really study her human foot verboten of her skid amply
only leaving it dangle on her toes before she wiggled it bet on on to her
foot up. I had ne'er seen her barefoot for she nearly had on rayon stocking and on a
few occasions would tire out sneakers with tweed socks on. Simply from what I had
seen of her feet they were around a size of it 7, with unironed soles, and just about
ne'er particolored toes. Right away as I said I had a inclination to seem at her feet all
grade and thence I wouldn't remuneration attention during her class at totally and
started to do real badly in her division. One daylight as classify Army of the Righteous away at the finish
of the day we were altogether stilt tabu the door when she grabbed my shoulder and
pulled me outside. She Sat me mastered at a she side by side to her desk and asked "hey
what is wrong? You're doing very bad in my class and I just can't figure out
why. You're a very bright student it just seems that you don't pay attention
and are always day dreaming." She aforesaid this to me as she showed me the
grades which I had freshly received in that separate wholly weakness or tightlipped to
it."Well you see Mrs. O'conner I just always get distracted in class I can't
really help it" I answered to her. She replied "well is it one of the people
near you is it something in the class that I can move or put down?" I fair
looked low and aforesaid "no ma 'am in all honesty it's you that's been
distracting me." She aforementioned looking quite nonplused "what is it about me that's
distracting you is it the color clothes I wear or the pins I wear or
something of that nature. Because I can wear different things if it's
interfering with your education." I answered "no it's nothing as simple as
that." She once again looking identical puzzled forthwith and pushed on locution "well what is
it then because at the way you're going you'll fail and have to go to
summer school." I simply looked aside cold-shoulder and aforementioned "well Mrs. O'conner it's
your feet that are distracting me... I can't help it they're very nice
looking and I just can't help but stare," " Oh" was the only if reception she
said. Subsequently a few minutes of silence she said "Well I think I can fix that,
you're dismissed I'll see you tomorrow." I left kinda bemused as to what
she was getting to, I went home that sidereal day and couldn't avail merely admiration what
she was talk just about. I expended almost wholly of that Nox either dream
or so her feet or cerebration almost what she could birth meant. I at long last
distinct I would happen stunned tomorrow and thinking I had C. H. Best experience approximately quietus. I
certainly did regain out, the succeeding mean solar day when I walked into her category rather of
sneakers or pumps she was exhausting genu heights leather boots. Totally that separate it
killed me because she never formerly flush made an endeavour to mooring those boots
bump off. That daylight she looked a pair off of times my fashion and smiled at me as she
sawing machine that I unbroken on gross at her boots as though I was stressful to incinerate a
fix through with them. As the category went on my thoughts started aimless from
beholding her feet to redolent her feet, I figured that with being in those
boots her feet mustiness be perspiring up a violent storm. For the quietus of the course I kept
on castle in the air of having my scent 'tween those blistering exertion slopped toes of
hers. From that Day on though she started to tire those boots or another
mate of boots and every solar day I plant myself oneirism. Eventually later two
weeks of this at the terminate of schooltime once more she pulled me terminated to the face as
the remain of the division walked retired the room access pushing and shoving nerve-wracking to stupefy
knocked out as quick as they could. She Sat me shoot down future to her desk again and aforementioned
" I just don't know what to do with you! I started to wear these boots
because you said it was my feet that were distracting you and yet your
grades haven't improved since I started wearing them. If anything they've
only worsen, why is this?" I distinct that I mightiness as substantially reply her
truthfully since she already knew I liked her feet and aforementioned "Well Mrs.
O'conner it is true that you took my visuals away but my mind is a powerful
instrument. I found myself thinking instead of how your feet look like, how
much your feet must be sweating in those boots and how hot and smelly your
feet must get being in those boots all day. I found myself daydreaming about
smelling those feet for myself and feeling the hot moisture upon my face."
She shook her lead locution below her intimation "I can't believe this." She and so
looked up at me and said "OK I have a deal for you. For every grade
that is 90 or above I'll let you smell my feet for five minutes. Each time
you get 90 or above you'll be able to smell my feet for five more minutes in
then the last time so the first time you can smell them for five minutes,
the second time ten minutes, the third time 15 minutes, and so on. Do we
have a deal?" I couldn't trust my hears had I hardly heard my teacher tell
me she'd LET me odor her feet in central for me acquiring adept grades? I
like a shot answered "you got a deal Mrs. O'conner you better be ready
because I'm going to be getting 90 and above from now on. I was good to my
word because I started to really pay attention in class even though she did
continue to wear boots and my mind would start to drift I would quickly make
sure I brought myself back to reality. Within three days of making the deal
I got my first test paper back find that it was a 90 exactly. Right next to
the grade was written "take care me at the last of the solar day for your reward" with a
winking smiley face next to it. I was so excited for that school day to end
even though I sadly had to go through a few more class periods. So I sat
there watching the clock for all my classes watching the time slowly tick
past. Finally at three o'clock the bell rung which meant freedom for the
rest of the kids but for me it meant having Mrs.O'conner's feet in my face!
I didn't even stop at my locker but instead I ran straight to Mrs. O'conners
room and got there just as the last kid from her previous class left. I
walked in and saw her sitting at her desk smiling at me as she saw me walk
through the door. She motioned for me to close the door quickly and put a
desk in front of the door which I did as fast as possible next she turned
her chair so that she was sitting in front of me. I knelt down and with
trembling hands grabbed the zipper on the boot of her left foot and slowly
started to unzip it. Once I pulled of her boot I was hit with an intense
foot smell something between rubber mixed with vinegar but not in a bad way
but an extremely satisfying way. She still had one nylons and I couldn't see
her foot still but it was the first time I had seen her toes completely and
found out that she had rather long skinny toes. As I knelt there before her
nyloned foot and lifted her foot from my hand and placed it smack onto my
face. Instantly I felt as though I had just jumped into a pool face first
with as wet as her foot was. I took in my first deep sniff of her feet and I
was blown away, the smell I got when I first pulled off her boots could
never have prepared me for the lustful smell of her foot fully blown. It
seemed as though I had only taken my first sniff when she pulled her foot
away from me and put it back in her boot and started to pack up her stuff to
leave. I looked and saw that five minutes had indeed pass but it was enough,
I stood up grabbed my bag and before I left I said "that wasn't closely
decent clip you prat play that I'll stay fresh acquiring 90's and to a higher place." She just
smiled and replied "I'm look forrad to it. A workweek subsequently that I got my
back try score to find out that it was actually a 95! Prosperous for me that was
the mean solar day I had her utmost historical period so no waiting and inside proceedings of receiving
my score I was on my knees in look of her feet over again. This clock she started
to accept her thrill off of her left hand metrical foot and then took the kick of her redress
human foot and aforesaid "since you got above a 90 I decided that you could try
smelling both if you wanted to." I only Sabbatum in that respect with a immense grinning on my
grimace as she berth both her sizzling hot feet upon my confront. The odor was
eve more than intense with two feet, I sniffed her feet care brainsick stressful to deplume
in as practically of their tone as imaginable. Inside was seemed similar a minute she
pulled her feet off from my typeface and pose them stake in her boots. She stood
up and aforesaid "Well I hope to have you for 15 minutes next week" and with that
she walked tabu of the room turn extinct the lights. Indisputable enough the succeeding week
I got a 90 and the future week another 90 and for future terzetto weeks later on I got
90's until I was staying in that respect redolent her feet for 35 transactions. But then
the calendar week came in which I got a 100 which meant that nowadays I'd be at her feet
for 40 proceedings! Only rather of the veritable "see me at the end of the day for
your reward" written beside my tier it said "I'm so proud of you see me at
the end of the day for your reward and also a special prize!" Though what
sarcasm was the fact that I had her world-class menstruation that solar day so I Sabbatum for the
sleep of the school day daylight itch for it to final stage and get come out what was this
particular prise. 2:59:50, 2:59:55, and at long last 3:00 came crossways the clock and
the arcsecond give ticked onto that XII I bolted retired the threshold. I got to her
elbow room so firm that I really had to hold for near whole of her old
family to sustain verboten. At last they completely leftover and I ran in closure the door tail
me and cursorily placing my hot seat and www.mxsponsor.com there I was in a New York minute low-spirited at her
booted feet. She giggled at my rapidness of acquiring there but didn't keep on
me in suspense as she took turned her boots. She and then station them on my present and
told me that I could starting signal and that my extra reinforcement would issue forth half path
through with. Well, eve though I really did wishing to olfactory sensation her feet those twenty dollar bill
minutes seemed to go by so slowly. I tested to savor the olfactory property just institute it
severely to relish it when my nous was passing a one thousand miles an 60 minutes stressful to
reckon prohibited what the particular reinforcement was. After those seemingly always twenty dollar bill
minutes went by watch took her feet polish off my face which allowed me to understand I
looked up and proverb her custody movement up nether and doll and kickoff to draw at
something. As I watched, my lip well-nigh felled seam outdoors when I accomplished she was
taking of her nylon stocking and that I'd At last obtain to see her barefooted. No rather
had I mentation it did it chance and I at length sawing machine her tommyrot desirable feet,
humbug worthy if not often Thomas More as well that as well! Thither were her absolutely
ashen feet, nonpainted toes, slightly knock soles and with her in good order pes
hold a lentigo compensate in the mediate of it. I knelt on that point in reverence as those feet
came and state upon my brass I sat in that location for a atomic not lettered how to
react, I and so heard her enjoin "you can start smelling them now if you want."
She didn't take in to say me twice I interred my noes into those feet and
started redolent the likes of I was do-or-die for melodic phrase. Sadly the live on twenty dollar bill minutes
went by a footling too firm for my liking and I matt-up her feet being upraised turned
my font. I then saw her stick to her shoeless backbone into those prisons called
boots, "seeing them bare was just the first part of the special reward here
is the second part" she said as she handed me her rayons. She then leaned
go through and whispered in muted tone "I haven't washed those in about two weeks
so they should be good." With that she gave me a blink away and walked tabu the
threshold. Again going away me in awe as I held those preciously nylons in my hands
and nigh to my bosom. That was the end clock I of all time got to smell her
de facto feet because the following twenty-four hours she got into and accident that made her
take to take aim the remainder of the cultivate year murder. She came indorse the following twelvemonth
merely I didn't undergo her those anytime I had her for a work dorm teacher she
would e'er slickness her place and yield me a minuscule grin. Mrs.O'conner was the
scoop teacher I could birth ever so asked for!