Introducing Emily

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by ssalo

Poem, Non-Erotic

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Location: Pacific NW

Posted Get married 9th of MArch 2011

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*This is my foremost set about at titillating fiction. I wrote this for my girl WHO loves coquette novels. It's a act farsighted only I go for soul makes it through and through and savor it. It IS a cultivate of fiction. Some of it.

The universe we take created is the like none we undergo ever seen. Peaceful still vivid with rage. The respiration is degenerate and then slows, our peel seemly moist. I rove with you until I'm on pass. Slowing, I cod you until your loudest moan breaks through and through the sweetness bare. In that respect is no stopping what we cause started. My eyes link to yours. Lips straining and and so our stomachs touching again as I set about to get a catching pauperism for your entire lips. From your back talk I movement land to your neck opening. Lenify nibbles plough to a brightness give suck. My nails fray complete your shoulders and journey preceding your clavicle to your side for best clasp.

It was directly that she saw her captor. He was tall, or so 6'4", with darkly tanned skin and gleaming crimson eyes. His dark, straight hair flowed down his finely muscled body. He looked to be about 21, and he was gorgeous.

Her capturer place a pass all over her mouthpiece to secretiveness her, laughing in atonement at her fright. He sucked and softly bit her earlobe, sending shivers down feather her spikelet and causing her legs to judder fearfully. He hoisted her up, for some reason managing to soundless donjon her silent, and threw her onto the have intercourse just about. She matt-up him qualification quickly forge of the satin restraints, ligature them around her wrists firmly. He touched dispirited to standoff her feet when she gave a squall of resist and kicked him crosswise the cheek.

This verse form was elysian by an honest-to-god lady friend that made me opt 'tween the sauceboat and her. She decided I could accept both afterward I made my decisiveness. I distinct I but needful unmatchable subsequently the ultimatum.

After moving twice in a 2 year span of time while going through a divorce, I was left feeling like I needed a break for a bit. I was still very much in love, but confused. I promised Emily that I would still be there and would like to see her but if she felt like seeing other people at the time I would be fine with it. She started talking to Sal again at the time and had made some advances with him. We were still talking during this period and I was well aware that she was talking to him. I was even trying to get her to hook up with him. Those conversations kept my hand busy through the night.
She hadn't told me for awhile after those encounters but she had actually gone as far as giving him a Blow Job in the backseat of her car behind our old pizzeria. She confirmed the rumors and they were not exaggerated. But sadly she never had sex with him. She had made several attempts but never followed through. (Though to this day I content that she did and just won't tell me.) I really hope she did!
Emily being younger hasn't had all the opportunities to have great sex. Although she started out sucking cock early in life. She has however informed me of her cock sucking exploits and I love them. She's sucked large cocks before and that's what I imagine her doing in all of my dreams. But prior to me she had only one full sexual encounter. So I feel as if she should be able to fuck more. I think the idea of her getting fully exhausted from one or more large cocks at once would make her happy. And although I think she's way beyond the Sal experience, I still love to think about it.
Through our relationship I've encouraged Emily to share her desires with me. I've done it all and I'm more than willing to let her do them too. She's not much of a talker but sometimes she shares. She's in love with the usual celebrities and there have been a few guys she's known that she's told me she would have slept with if she could. She's also big into controlled rape, a bit of rough play and that she's interested in doing a threesome.
I've made several attempts to get someone to join us through web sites but none of them have panned out. Mostly just guys looking to have fun with me. Since I wanted to introduce Emily to interracial I looked for black guys. I met a few that I would have loved to have over but nothing ever happened. I still try once in awhile but I haven't found anyone good yet.
Another ongoing fantasy with Emily involves dancing. We had attended a party at my old home and Emily got to dance. I'm not much of a dancer but I love to watch. She was on the floor with a female friend of ours when a fairly hot guy deiced to dance behind her. At that moment it had become the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life. The sight of her pressing up against his cock in
her low cut black skirt while grinding to the beat was intense. His hands touching her breasts just slightly as they caressed her body. All I wanted to do was watch that go on forever. If not for being with all of my close friends I would have let her keep going all night.
Add to it that any time we go out Emily wears a skirt and a top the usually accentuates her hot figure, she never fails to be the hottest girl in the room. I pay a lot of attention to guys checking her out. And they do. I've heard numerous comments about her amazing rack. She doesn't pay much attention though. She just never sees the guys staring.
A few more years have passed and we're now in our sixth year of being together. The sex while not as often due to our busy lives is still great. I still love every inch of her. I've recently began having thoughts about Emily dancing at a club with a black guy. Hopefully with the intention of introducing me for a threesome. I told her that we should consider doing it and she seems interested so I took the liberty to set up a date.
In the process of organizing the date I realized that Emily would be more comfortable if she had a female companion to start dancing the night off with so I asked our friend Anna to join us for the evening. I had also suggested she bring a preferably black male friend with her so that they would have someone to start out with that was friendly. She had told me she had the perfect person in mind. Anna is a paler skinned brunette, about 5'7" rather thin but well proportioned. She's also Bi. She's made a few suggestive moves on Emily before while drunk and they've been kinda hot. And of course I've thought about them together a time or two, though I'm usually thinking of Emily and other guys. Anna is not the type of girl I would normally go for but in the heat of the moment, I figured she could fuck like no ones business. I don't mind a wild girl once in awhile.
Finally the night arrived for our outing. We picked Anna and her friend Anthony up and brought them to our town where we started the night off at our apartment. The girls were dressed up as sexy as could be both in dresses. Emily going for the usual black ensemble of incredibly short skirt and nice fitting sparkly black top was instantly complemented by everyone. Anthony taking special note of her several times. We stayed at our place for a few hours having a few drinks, talking and laughing. Anthony proved to be quite the inclusion to our group. Standing as tall as me but with a more tone and built body he was as perfect of a guy as I could hope for Emily to dance with. I was starting to think that she might not need to meet anyone at the club.
They talked of dancing and made light fun of the fact that I just wanted to have a few drinks and watch the "Render." Knowing that I wanted to see Emily dancing with another guy. We had not fully discussed the intentions of the night but as the early hours wore on it became pretty clear. We had enough to drink to start talking a bit more freely. I had at one point gotten up to go into our computer den and Anthony came with me. While showing him my computer set up we fell into a talk about Emily.
He complemented her several times and told me how lucky I was. He made a small joke about sharing and I happened to catch it. I told him that what she wants she gets. I didn't mind at all if she got incredibly heavy with someone on the dance floor. That was the plan for the evening from the beginning. He asked me if it was okay to spend most of that time dancing with her and I readily agreed. I told him that I would let her know he'd like to dance before we got there so that I could prepare her for his offer. I also reassured him that it would be really hot if it was him with her. I let him know that he could touch, kiss or play with her any way she wanted. I had a feeling she would be in capable hands.
During our time in the other room Emily and Anna were finishing there drinks and talking about plans for the night. She told Anna that she intended to at least make out with a hot guy tonight because she knew it turned me on. Anna had asked what she thought of Anthony. Telling her that he was paying a lot of attention to her during the night. Emily remarked that he was quite big looking. Anna informed her that he was not only huge but well built as well. Having had the chance to enjoy him a time or two. According to her he was at least 9" hanker and 4" around. And he handled well. He payed special attention to how much you were enjoying the sex.
We had come out of the room to interrupt their conversation since it was close to the time to go. Emily and I had stepped into the bedroom to make one final touch up and I told her of my talk with Anthony. She told me of her conversation and that she knew how big his cock was. She seemed pretty turned on at the thought of it and said she wouldn't mind fucking him if it came down to it. I told her that that would be the best plan of the night. So we headed out to the club.
The place we chose was lit well enough to see the dance floor from the booth we got and packed with just enough people to allow me to see them on the floor. They started off with another drink but barely finished while rushing out to dance. I sat back and enjoyed watching a few of the other dancers on the floor. Scanning the girls not out of hopes but just as a tease. I was more intent on Emily tonight. Watching them get into their group of three and having a buzzed dance off was hilarious.
It only took a few songs to get them pumping. Anna seeing that getting a new drink would be a good opportunity to get out of the trio and let Emily have some alone time headed back to the table with me. She asked if I was having a good time yet and I told her it was just beginning. I was a bit distracted by both a very cute blonde at another table sitting with some friends and Anthony slowly dancing with my girlfriend on the floor. They started off small and I could tell he was going to build it up through a few songs.
Anna had gotten a new drink and was noticing the blonde I had pointed out earlier so I told her to ask her to dance. It took her a moment to finish her drink then got up to go talk to the girl. While getting up she had noticed the scene on the dance floor and pointed it out to me. The songs had changed a few times and was on a hip-hop mix that got the 2 of them going. He was firmly behind her at this point and was beginning to rub his hands up and down her sides.
After a few moments Emily noticed me watching and proceeded to put on a show for me. She began by raising her arms behind her head and wrapping them around his neck. This allowed her body to get closer. I could see her say something to him but couldn't make out what. Whatever she said though made an impact.
I watched as he started to get a lot closer to her breasts with each caress. Grinding into her ass from behind he managed to make it slowly to her tits, grabbing them a little each time. Which was clearly turning her on. Her short speech had obviously been the go button. And I knew he had no intention of stopping. The musics beat only adding to the rhythm. I don't know how long the songs lasted, where they stopped or began, cause after my second drink it all became a blur.
While watching Emily slowly reaching around and feeling his cock through his jeans while staying pressed up enough to him to not be too noticeable, I was interrupted by Anna. She was apparently invited back to her new friends place for a party and was wondering if it was okay if she came back later tonight? I told her it would be nice if she warned Emily. She went out and let them know that she was leaving and that she would see them later that evening.
After Anna left with her friend, Emily and Anthony finished there dance and came back to the table. Emily finished what was left of her drink and excused herself to go to the bathroom. While she was gone Anthony asked if I was enjoying the show. I let him know that I was getting turned on beyond anything I thought imaginable. And that it was great watching her play with his cock on the floor. He then asked if I would want to start wrapping up the night out and return to our place.
Emily returned from the bathroom and wanted to order another drink. She slid in between us and took advantage of the cover of our booth to explore the contents of her new friends pants. The smile that spread across her face when she got her hand around his cock was priceless. As she slowly stroked his cock under the table she started rubbing mine as well. After her drink arrived we started discussing going back to our place for the rest of the evening. Which everyone gladly agreed to.
I drove us home so that they could have a little more fun sitting in the backseat together. I almost lost control of the car a few times due to watching them in the rear view mirror. They weren't going too far but watching them kissing and her playing with his cock through his pants was an instant turn on. Fortunately it didn't take long to get home.
When we got in I made drinks for everyone while Emily made another trip to the bathroom and Anthony got comfortable. I stepped into our bedroom to get things arranged and Emily stepped in and told me that she was really enjoying the night and couldn't wait to get fucked. I suggested she take a moment and put on something fun for the night. She picked a black lace teddy that left nothing to the imagination. She practically ran into the living room.
Anthony was sitting on our couch so Emily did what I expected. She went straight to him, knelt down, and proceeded to finally release his cock. And I was surprised by what she had been handling all night. Anna didn't do it justice with her description. 9" long, and at least 5" round. It was by far the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. And Emily's mouth was watering. Her hand looked so small stroking it.
One of my favorite things that she does is sucking cock. And watching her suck this one was amazing and I couldn't help but admire how large and beautiful his cock was. I almost thought that she wouldn't be able to fit it in her mouth, but she proved me wrong. She started off sucking the head for a minute, just allowing her mouth to get used to it. But in no time she had sucked every inch of it, while managing to fit at least 5 inches of it down her throat. Watching her head bounce up and down in his lap almost brought me to orgasm. It did however bring Anthony to climax. I've never seen that much cum before. She swallowed as much as she could but it wasn't all of it. The rest dribbling down her face.
After wiping her face down and breathing for a moment, they spent awhile kissing while he spent a little time exploring her pussy with his large hand. He asked if I wanted to help her get wet with him and since I hard started stripping down already I was more than willing. He continued to finger her while they kissed and I eagerly began going down on her. After a few minutes she was begging him to fuck her but he intended this to last as long as possible so after we brought her to her first orgasm I decided to let him continue with her on his own again.
I sat back and watched as he started with her breasts. Slowly licking and kissing her from her lips, down her neck and further to each of her nipples. You could see the little muscle spams rack her body the whole time. He spent just enough time playing with her breasts to turn her into a moaning frenzy. And even though I could tell she was ready to beg to be fucked by his still hard cock she was loving every bit of his attention.
Anthony was still playing with her dripping pussy and started to go down on her again. After an orgasm Emily tends to be ultra sensitive so almost immediately she was brought to another orgasm by his tongue, moaning so loudly the neighbors most likely were getting turned on. She lay spent for a little while in a complete daze. And since I had been stroking myself furiously while watching them I announced that I was going to cum as well. Anthony told me to do it in her mouth so I rushed over to her just in time to cum. It was the first time I've ever done it to her myself and it felt great.
I was also starting to get the impression that Emily was going to be treated like a whore for the rest of the night. One of her biggest fantasy’s is to be raped and this seemed like a perfect time to have that happen. I know she wouldn't object and I don't think it would have mattered at that point if she did. I wanted her fucked and fucked hard.
After she had a moment to rest and catch her breath Anthony prepared her to finally take his cock. He sat back down on the couch and had her get in front of him on her knees one more time to suck him off. This time with more force. Pulling her head further down, gagging her and letting her go several times. He told me to get behind her and fuck her for a few minutes to get her a bit stretched out, as if that was going to help her much. Her being turned into a sandwich between two cocks was almost too much for me. But I did get another orgasm out of her before I stopped to let him take over.
Continuing to sit on the couch he pulled Emily up to straddle him while facing me. Allowing me full view of her taking his cock for the first time. And seeing the head of his glistening cock entering her sent me over the edge once again. It also elicited a scream from Emily. But it was short lived as her pussy quickly adjusted to the stretching. Now came the fun of the length and I was anxious to see how much she could take. After a few seconds she began to slowly slide down a little further, her face still frozen in shock.
Anthony began slowly thrusting upward to match her down movements and soon the were at full speed. Him pounding into her and her repeating how large his cock was inside her. His cock covered in her cum, after wave after wave of orgasms. After only a few minutes he couldn't hold it anymore and during a violent upward thrust that caused a loud scream, he came inside of her. Which I thought was hot cause she's on birth control so I had little worry.
Showing off his recovery skills he quickly turned Emily around and began thrusting into her from behind. Deciding this time to be a little less friendly about it. He wrapped his huge and around her throat and began to squeeze. Not tight enough to make her unable to breathe but firm enough to make her go a little bug eyed. It also caused her to go wild. Taking care to thrust into her a little farther with every few stokes, he took the chance while she was in the throws of orgasming again to slide his wet thumb slowly into her ass. She has sometimes enjoyed that but I've never gotten the response she gave him. Viciously telling him to fuck her with his huge cock and screaming at him to fuck her tight ass.
While still firmly gripping her neck he pulled his thumb and cock out of her. He removed his hand from her neck and grabbed a handful of hair while sliding his cock into her tight ass. Slowly at first but with going deeper with each push he was taking her pretty little ass in a way that I've only gotten a few special times. She moaned deeply into the couch cushion until the intensity of it got to be too much for Anthony and he came once again, this time deep into her ass. Both of them fell to the couch exhausted. They spent awhile laying on the couch recovering, him still buried in her ass. While they cuddled on the couch I got up and went to the bedroom to get the bed ready for them. I had figured they might be needing it again tonight.
Around 2 A.M they went off to bed together. I watched them in bed for a bit while Emily sucked his cock a little. But you could tell she was about to pass out. I left to go lay on the couch. I'm not sure how long I had drifted off for but I was awoken by Anna coming into the house. As soon as She had walked in I had realized that I had fallen asleep naked. My cock still at half mast. We had also both realized that they're was a soft moaning sound coming from the bedroom. I had quietly told her of the nights events and she caught me up on her night.
She had gone to her new friends house for a party but no one showed. They had a few drinks together and started to make out on the couch. After they had finished fucking on her couch she passed out so Anna had decided to come back here. She was staring at my cock the whole time and during the times when it was quiet all we could hear is Emily's moaning coming from the other room. So we decided to go investigate. Her grabbing me by my cock and pulling me through the darkened house.
We arrived the the bedroom door and found them in mid fuck. Him laying on top of her slowly driving into her. Anna stoking my cock the whole time. They were too busy to take Much notice of us so Anna took the opportunity to have a little more fun with my now erect cock. She sucked me off pretty hard till I came down her throat, relieving a lot of built up tension from the earlier show. When I had came I had made enough noise to get their attention and the had watched as I filled her throat with cum. Anthony suggested we move to the bed with them where it was a little more comfortable. We gladly agreed.
The rest of the night and next day we're pretty much a blur of sex. I wish I could have kept count of the number of orgasms Emily had. I'd guess near twenty or so. She was also quite broken by Anthony. I gave them a lot of time alone so Emily could get all she could of his cock, though on a number of occasions I did join in. Anna had her share of fun this weekend and we thanked her for coming and introducing us to Anthony.
I still kinda hope that Emily got his number and has seen him again. There's been times when I've suspected she has. I also hope that she tells me that she wants to this it again sometime. It definitely makes going to the club a lot more fun for me. And I know she enjoyed getting fucked that hard. We still talk about it all the time.