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Jump to: navigation, search - Travis was a 19 year-old college scholar from Ohio, at 6"2 with broad shoulders, and a thatch of dark hair on his head, blue eyes and monster cock, he felt he was a pretty good catch. Well he did, no one else seemed to, He often masturbated at home while studying, pissed off and alone. Usually when he was meant to be studying physics. On this night Travis was doing that very thing, he had his cock in one hand, slowing massaging the shaft as he studied the book in front of him, he mulled over how he was going to pass. Money wouldn't persuade Mr. Tive, his physics professor at the college. Travis came from a well off family and had tried all kinds of bribery to get his grades up. He grumbled under his breath, gripping his cock tightly as he slowly ran it up towards his stomach. He laid his head back against the chair in frustration, he didn't really understand any of this, and that on top of no sex was really beginning to piss him off. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to enjoy himself, when he heard a noise. He glanced back and saw his room mate Andy standing there, with a tall slender girl. Travis turned in his chair, looking at her. She was tall, and thin, her perky breasts were small and firm, her blonde hair fell to her wasit, and framed her face with it's high cheekbones, full lips and green eyes, but what Travis really noticed about the girl was her outfit. Over her nipples there appeared to be black tape, her neatly trimmed pussy was slightly moist under the see through mesh shirt she wore. Around her slender neck was a silver collar. Andy held a leash attached to the collar. Travis realized this must be Andys new slave. "Hey man" Andy said casually, as he unhooked his slave from her collar. Travis noted that she didn't move. She stood perfectly still awaiting command. Andy smirked at Travis as he watched. "Heh, yeah I persuasion I'd piece unrivaled up on the way nursing home. This unmatched caught my centre." Andy said casually. "Dude, that's roll in the hay awful!" Travis exclaimed. Andy turned to his slave "I'll cite you.. Speedwell. I guess." The slave nodded at this, but otherwise stayed perfectly still. "Now, accept away that dizzy meshing shirt." Veronica moved to do as he said, and Travis watched feeling his cock, that still hung limp outside his boxer shorts start to grow. Andy noticed and laughed a little. "Getting excited Travis?" He asked sarcastically. "Hump you, the like you arn't" Travis replied, still not taking his eyes off the naughty little treat Andy brought home. The slave stood again after removing her shirt, and Andy reached over, ripping the tape from her nipples in a fast movement. Travis noticed her wince a tiny bit, but she remained otherwise completely still, Travis felt his boner rage on, growing firmer and taut at the site of her now slightly reddened nipples, sticking out hard and firm. His eyes scanned down her body and he noticed the small trickle of liquid run down her inner thigh. She was enjoying this! "Good, like a shot Veronica, bend dexter ended that desk next to Travis. I wanna scrutinise my leverage." Veronica slowly made her way across the room to Travis, her hips swaying slowly until she reached the desk. She bent over it, he nipples slightly brushing against the wood, she let out a tiny gasp at the contact and bit her full luscious lip. Travis felt his hard on tighten considerably at the sound. "Travis bewilder up and and take a wait at this finer fuck. Bed covering your legs cunt!" Andy demanded. Veronica immediatly split her legs, her pussy stuck out and soaking, it dripped slowly down her thighs as she spread her legs. Andy walked up behind her, and slide one finger into her pussy, he reached around her with his other armand cupped her breast. "Ohhh gracious and fast. Unspoilt. Travis hail experience this slut, she's piece of ass soakage!" He exclaimed, Travis stood slowly, his dick out of his udnerwear standing at attention. Andy stood away and motioned towards the slaves spread legs. "Go ahead, give a look." Travis walked up to her, and ever so slowly slid first one, then two fingers into her wet pussy, she let out a small gasp as he wiggled his fingers inside her hot wet cunt. Andy responded to her gasp by spanking her bare asscheek ferociously. "You volition cause no strait as you are inspected" A large red hand print was left on her ass. Trabis leaned foreward, his face near her tiny little rosebud of an anus. He could smell her wet cunt, it was a heavy, but slightly sweet aroma. "Go forwards man, only I'm victimization her this evening." Travis slowly ran his tongue along the length of her pussy, before licking his way up to her ass. His tongue darted around the little hole, he felt her quiver beneath him. Her small gasos as his fingers prbed her cunt drove him wild, his hand stroking his cock wildy. Suddenly the pressure built up and he came all over the back of her thigh. "Sheik! Clean that up!" Andy yelled, but all Travis could think about was buying his own the next day after physics. Maybe that would change Mr.Tive's mind..