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2014 St. Johns High School football team photo. LEFT Row 1: Christian King, Christopher Lepre, Dan Joyce, Maxwell McCormick, Larry Glover, Head Coach Doug Pearson, Charles Awls, Nate Rose, Hunter Baum, Tyler Kratzman, Cameron Kaser. (RNN) President Barack Obama 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients are an eclectic mix of famous athletes, Oscar winning actors, musicians and polymaths.The White House named 21 individuals on Wednesday who will be awarded the medal on Nov. 22. The nation highest civilian honor was established by President Harry Truman in 1945 to recognize notable service during World War II.

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cheap Air max air jordans Musante, Suljojman Musovic, Remzi Nesimi, Luisa Maribel Ng, Cazimar E. Nieves, Christopher W. Oetting, Errol Ogman, Daniella V. "I can tell you that this board's charge to me is 'find out everything.' And we want to hear from the individuals themselves."Upper Township has been involved in a sending relationship with Ocean City School District for many years, with the township paying a tuition for its students to attend Ocean City High School. There are three Upper Township Board of Education members who serve on the Ocean City Board of Education, but they have limited voting rights.The relationship over the years has been "unnecessarily strained," Donio said, with lawsuits and public spats over certain procedures, including voting rights, payment for students who are placed out of district and school choice.Donio said he did not know whether anyone officially informed Ocean City of the board's decision before Monday's vote."It is my belief that they are well aware we have concerns about this, which are consistent with concerns we have directly relayed to them," he said.Responding to a question from former Upper school board member Steve Martinelli about why Ocean City would do this, Donio said according to testimony he has listened to from the trial, the action was related to "general leaks" of information about ongoing litigation to "information as mundane as a school closure day.""Why that would be a cause of concern and require a forensic investigation. Is hard to fathom," Donio said.The middle school library where the board meeting was held was crowded Monday, with many standing in the back of the room while the board first went into executive session before coming out to take the vote.The resolution passed unanimously, with board member Bill Holmes abstaining due to a conflict. cheap air jordans

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